How to Create an Entry with Spectacle Lens

  1. Click on “Quick Sale”.
  2. The option with “*” {Mobile, First Name and Last Name} is mandatory to fill.
  3. Other options are not mandatory.
  4. By using “CLICK HERE TO ADD NEW ITEMS” you can add new items in receipt which is not in a stock.
  5. If you click on “Direct to Order” then the product direct include in receipt
  6. If you don’t click on “Direct to Order” then the product adds in Frame Detail.
  7. Next there is spectacle lens option
  • This is sales order details
  1. You can add Scheme.
  2. You can use barcode or title to add items directly in a receipt.
  3. Date and delivery date is only mandatory in “Sales Order Detail”.
    This is a Products list which is added.
  4. We can change the quantity of Items as per requirements.
  5. We can give discount individually by percentage or rupees.
  6. Options with this marks“*” are mandatory to fill
  7. If the customer pays half amount then the only advance receipt will be created.

And you can print it.

  1. Then click on to order the Spectacle lens
  1. Select the both lens and place order.
  2. Select the supplier and fitter.
  3. Select the date and order it.
  4. Now go to “Purchase” and then open “Order”.

  5. Select the order and "Authorise" the order.
  6. Click on inward option from purchase.
  7. Click “Add New”.
  8. Select the Supplier. It is mandatory.
  9. Select the Order No.
  10. Save it.
  11. Select the “Order In Fitting”.
  1. Select customer and select “Delivery At Store”.
  2. Now order is deliver at store
  3. “Delivery At Store” goes there and Select the customer and click on “Ready to delivery”.
  4. Open “Advance Receipt”.
  5. Click on “Add new”.
  6. Fill up the “*” options.
  7. Select the customer and enter the remaining amount.
  8. Click on the generate invoice and save.


Example of the invoice:-

  1. And the invoice view.
  2. You can print it.