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Best optical software for retail shops
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OptoSoft optical software is the best optical shop inventory management software and billing software for optical retail business in India. OptoSoft optical retail POS software is an android Point-Of-Sale which is connected with our web/cloud/on-line version. OptoSoft is an industry leader retail chain stores and franchise optical business software solution on the optical management build designed for retail optical stores, retail optical shops, retail optical business, optometry practices management, retail frames/sunglasses stores, ophthalmology clinics (selling RX eye-wear), retail optical chain stores and optical retail franchise business. It is one of the best optometry practice management EHR (Electronic Health Record) & EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software for optometrist, opticians, ophthalmologists and optical retail business. It is the only on-line web based software having a android mobile Point-Of-Sale (POS) which saves lot of money to be spent on computers and Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems.

OptoSoft is Developed by a leading provider of optical software solutions. OptoSoft optical software presents easy to use application to manage optical Point-Of-Sale (POS), frame and contact lens inventory and business development activities. OptoSoft optical software seamlessly integrates with all business processes from the Point-Of-Sale (POS) at store to the planners at the head office lowering the overall cost of operations and simplifying expansion to help your business bring the bottom line into focus with increased profitability.

OptoSoft optical software is intuitive to work with, even for non-technical roles, providing store owners with visibility into product and store performance, schedule and mange appointments with patient notifications and allows retailers to easily distribute targeted customer promotions.

Faced with shrinking margins and increasing competition from the eCommerce world, optical retailers are focusing on customer service to increase their competitive edge. Personalized customer service is one way brick-and-mortar retailers are differentiating themselves by demonstrating the services they offer cannot be duplicated on-line. For optical retailers, operating a business that provides vision prescriptions as well as fashion frames, prescription lenses, contacts and sunglasses can be a challenge.

In today's busy life, customers forget to replace their expired contact lens and by mistake they could use it again, which could lead to the eye infection or it could damage the eye vision as well. OptoSoft optical software has a module to identify customers for expired contact lens and gives option to send them notification for replacement of the expired lens and revisit the store. With this practice opticians will win the customer's trust and then it could lead to a good and stable growth of the business.

OptoSoft optical software gives retailers the tools they need to efficiently and profitably manage technical data related to lenses, frames and contact lenses and link them to customers’ prescriptions. OptoSoft optical software also provides analytics reports that track fashion trends and aid with stocking the right style, color and size assortment.

To enhance the security, OptoSoft optical software has Static-IP restriction which restricts the software to be accessible out side the business environment and prevents data breach. Employees are only allowed to access the information necessary to effectively perform their job duties. Access can be based on several factors, such as authority, responsibility, and job competency. In addition, access to modules can be limited to specific tasks such as the ability to view, create, or modify data. As a result, lower-level employees usually do not have access to sensitive data if they do not need it to fulfill their responsibilities. This is especially helpful if you have many employees and use third-parties and contractors that make it difficult to closely monitor software access. Using role based access control (RBAC) will help in securing your company’s sensitive data.

This end-to-end retail billing and inventory management optical software allows integration of in-store retail with back office processes and an on-line storefront. Its feature permits up-to-date, accurate reports including lab orders, stock status, sales, delivery and open orders. To help you get the most out of your optical retail management system investment, OptoSoft optical software is designed to scale along with your business. Inter operable APIs facilitate integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other financial applications and the software’s extensibility kit (SDK) enables retailers to incorporate their unique processes into the application without impacting upgrades or updates.

Optical CRM

OptoSoft optical software is an excellent optical CRM which helps to build a healthy relationship with customers. Has functionality to send SMS to customers for order status, lens expiration, birthday and anniversary. Send promotional & marketing SMS to attract customer and increase your sales.

100% Secure

OptoSoft optical software is developed on a secured platform and runs with international standards like SSL, data encryption and IP restriction. Role based user management to restrict unauthorized access.

24/7 Support

OptoSoft optical software is the only one in the market who provides round the clock support and help for clients. Complete step by step guidance for the software implementation and data migration or existing stock upload.

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